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Revolutionizing the Commercial Insurance Submission Experience

QuoteWell’s Commercial Lines quoting tool enables a vastly streamlined re-marketing process by eliminating the need to rekey data across multiple portals and applications. Best of all, the tool is customizable to support any individual agency's direct appointments and product needs.

Commercial Comparative Rater & Expanded Market Access

For select carriers and products, QuoteWell provides expanded market access and delivers instant quotes without the need for a direct appointment. Notably, QuoteWell can generate these quotes using data from your existing applications without needing to restart the applications from scratch.

Delivering a Flexible Platform Meant for Data Reuse

Commercial insurance is underpinned by outdated technologies. Our team of insurance experts and technologists leverage the best of modern software engineering and data science to enable data reuse across applications, ACORD forms, portals, and schedules.

Increasing Time for Higher Value-Add Activities

Current submission workflows are woefully inefficient, compounding the resourcing issues facing agents and brokers. Our platform comes packaged with workflow automations and virtual assistant support, serving as a force multiplier for your re-marketing activities. This allows agents to focus on higher-value activities like growing their book of business.

Built for Independent Agents

We understand the complexities of commercial insurance servicing. Our company is proudly headquartered in Austin, and our platform was developed alongside local independent agencies with the aim of serving their specific workflows and processes.